Mount Melville holiday cottage , The High Road, Strathkinness

We welcome your enquiries for booking Mount Melville. Check first on the 'Prices and Availability' page and if the week you'd like is free get in touch at once. Alternatively you can phone directly on 01505 335246 in the evenings. We'll respond without delay.

Please note that other than in exceptional circumstances we take weekly bookings only running from Saturday to Saturday. We are just not able to accommodate midweek changeovers. If your desired stay runs over from one week to the next you would be charged for two weeks.   Generally, in the high season if you want less than a week the full weekly rate is charged.   Some discount is usually applied for two week stays.  We do not accept long term lets. 

You can email us at - cggs AT dsl DOT pipex DOT com     where the AT is @  and the DOT is  .  (obviously)